What Sets A Samsung Camera Phone Apart?

Camera phones have changed the way we go about our daily lives. Point and shoot and even DSLR cameras are becoming a thing of the past as everyone can now get a really good camera that fits in their pocket. Perfect for travelling and getting that perfect selfie, a good camera phone is now as vital as the food we eat and the air we breathe. And one brand is leading the way when it comes to creating great camera phones. But what is it about Samsung’s technology that sets their devices apart from the other wide range of camera phones on the market?

Multiple Rear Cameras

The new Samsung Galaxy phones all come standard with multiple rear cameras but why do we need double triple or even quad cameras on our phones? Multiple cameras on our phones give us a wide range of options when it comes to taking great pictures.

Some of these cameras may be better formulated to close up pictures while others are better suited to wide angle photography, giving us the ability to change between these options on our phone without the need for additional lenses like in normal single lensed cameras. These cameras also can work together to improve our photos for instance the new Samsung DepthVision Camera can judge time and distance to add a whole new level of perspective to your photography

Video Capabilities

While there are many great camera phones available on the market now, one thing that sets Samsung’s devices apart is their video capabilities. For instance, with the new Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra you can record 8K video. Their video also comes with a wide range of modes including stabilisation and live video for making those live Facebook and Instagram videos the best they can be when you browse and read more online.

Great Camera Plus Great Technology

While there are many rivals to Samsung, one thing that this brand does well is couple their great photography elements with amazing technology and fantastic looks. Their huge glass screens have great display and refresh rates and jaw dropping resolution which means that not only can you take great photos, but they look magnificent on your screen too.

Unlike iPhone you also benefit from Android technology when investing in a Samsung smartphone so your device will be compatible with most of the top apps on the market and will easily pair with other devices such as your laptop or home computer.


While the Galaxy S20 Ultra may be one of the best camera phones on the market right now, you’ll be looking at a pretty penny if you want to invest in one of these gorgeous gadgets. That said, Samsung does have a range of cheaper phone options whose cameras are still great for those happy snaps and outshine some of the other more affordable phones on the market.

Many of these phones still boast multiple rear cameras, great sensors, good zoom capability and a variety of flexible modes for easy shooting.