Using Your Old Phone As A Doorbell

Do you want to be able to answer your doorbell no matter where you are? If you are at home cooking in the kitchen, reading a book in your bed or relaxing in the bath, there can be nothing more annoying than having to drop what you are doing to run to answer the door.

Similarly, you don’t want strangers to know your home is unattended so being able to answer your doorbell when you’re not actually on premises can be super helpful. While there are a variety of companies that specialise in home automation and intercom systems that allow you to check out whose ringing your doorbell no matter where you are, this technology comes at a price. But have you ever thought about using an old phone as a doorbell?

Turn Your Phone Into A Security Camera

If you have a secure spot to mount an old camera phone and electricity within your wall to supply it then you can easily turn an old android camera phone into a smart security camera. A number of free to use or minimal cost apps are available that work to turn your unused phone into a useful home security device.

Apps like AtHome Camera or Alfred turn your old phone into a security camera while you can use your new phone to view the footage, enjoying a live view into what is going on outside your home. These apps also offer motion detection and two way talking so that you can have not just a camera but also a super helpful home intercom system. In order to make full use of the range of features on offer through apps like this you will however need a sophisticated device so not just any old camera phone is going to cut it.

Taking It One Step Further

Taking it one step further, if you’re sitting on a stock of old phones then you could use the opportunity to clean out that junk drawer and create an entire integrated system of smart home devices using your old phones. Link up a variety of old phones to create baby cams, pet cams and security cameras at little cost. All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection that extends to your property limits which may mean investing in a Wi-Fi extender. Or if you have a discounted data plan with your mobile carrier that extends beyond the limit than one device then you need not worry about Wi-Fi at all.

You will also want to consider how you are going to power these devices. You don’t want them to lose power just at the moment you need them most, or when you want to visit this site for some added entertainment. Thus, it is critical to ensure a constant stream of power is available where you want to mount the phones so that they can always be plugged into a USB or charging port.

Another thing you need to consider is if your phone is going to be affected by the weather conditions. If using your phone as an outdoor security camera you may need to invest in a waterproof case or some sort of housing so that you can keep your phone dry and out of the rain.