What Does The New Generation Hold

New Video Game Generation Incoming

You’re probably aware that the new video game generation is due in 2020. As always, rumours and speculation are rife with what it will hold. What will Microsoft bring to the table, after a fairly poor performance with the Xbox One brand? How will Sony possibly top themselves, after the PlayStation more or less dominated? Is Apple Arcade anything to consider as a new option?

Information is still thin on the ground, but it starting to emerge as 2020 draws nearer. Things are looking more or less as was expected, but with a few interesting twists and turns. This is what we know so far about the new gaming generation.


Microsoft revealed the Xbox Scarlett project at E3 2019. There was all the expected talk of how powerful the new generation of Xbox would be, and all the fanfare that went with it. Needless to say, the new Xbox generation will have more than enough power to play the latest games, or maybe just some online bingo Canada, if that’s what you prefer.

But, according to Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, it wasn’t just one console that was in development. Rather, Scarlett referred to two consoles that were being developed side by side.The first was codenamed Anaconda, and would be the primary bit of hardware in competition with the PlayStation 5. The other, codenamed Lockhart, was more budget oriented, and not as powerful.

Details are still light on both, but rumours are that the cheaper Lockhart hardware will focus on streaming games, as opposed to running them directly.


Sony have been even more tight lipped about their now hardware than Microsoft.It has been confirmed that the presumably named PlayStation 5 is in development, but so far no real information has been given about what it will encompass. What was mentioned is that it will support Ray-Tracing, the flash new graphics technology that simulates light in real time.

A demonstration was also held showing the benefits of solid state hard drives, or SSDS, which the PlayStation 5 will obviously have. It will also still play physical disks.

Other than that, information has been extremely sparse. But expect more information in the near future.

What About VR?

Many thought that VR would be the dominant force of the future in online focused activities, but this looks exceedingly unlikely. VR hasn’t entirely faded, but isn’t going to be the focus of either Microsoft or Sony. At least as far as we know. Mention was made that the PS5 would still support PSVR, but nothing else was said about future support, or if a new headset would be released.

When Is The Generation Due?

Again, there are no official dates set. But signs point to the end of 2020 for both new consoles. Microsoft indicated fall 2020, while Sony hasn’t given even a hint so far. It’s safe to say, however, that both will be available for Christmas in 2020. Prepare your wallet.

If you’re more a PC gamer, there aren’t really “generations” to speak of. Which is why we haven’t mentioned it here. PCs are more or less always one step ahead.