Get Inside Information on Incredible VR Games to Enjoy in 2020

The Top Virtual Reality Games for 2020

We thankfully no longer have to find ways to get our hands on just a select few, high-end headsets when it comes to Virtual Reality games. In 2020, players can add a PlayStation VR to their PS4s, pick up an HTC Vive, and choose between the Oculus Rift S, Go, or Quest and enjoy entertainment that is truly out of this world.

The gear is getting better, becoming lighter, and offering us more freedom. There are fewer wires to get tangled up in nowadays and the processors are more intuitive and more powerful. It’s unsurprising that people are increasingly making the leap from console to VR, despite start-up costs needing to be catered for.

If you’ve never tried VR before, do yourself a favour and sort that out immediately! Some of the best games of this generation are on the market already and the innovative controls and well-supported development ecosystem is going to blow you away.

Half-Life: Alyx

This VR first-person shooter was developed and published by Valve. It details events taking place before those of Half-LIfe 2, with players controlling Alyx Vance as she fights Combine, the occupying alien, with help from her father, Eli.

Half-Life: Alyxis the first game in the series since Valve released Episode Two in 2007 and it will be available on Windows on March 30 2020.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

This first-person shooter for Windows and PlayStation 4 was developed by Skybound Entertainment and Skydance Interactive and debuted on 23 January 2020. Based on the Robert Kirkman comic series of the same name, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners enjoyed an excellent reception and has given players a deeper understanding of what we can expect from this medium.

As much of an impact as VR is having on how we relax and enjoy ourselves, however, there’s no chance that it will ever be the only way we play. There is something to be said for enjoying different things in different ways, and if you get tired from your exploits in immersive alternate universes, then be sure and visit Lucky Nugget Casino in Canada, play one of the many offerings social media networks have started making available, and get used to the real world once again!

The Wizards – Dark Times

A standalone expansion to the critically-acclaimed The Wizards, Carbon Studio invites players to travel to a totally different era where they will face off against new enemies, enlist the help of never-before-seen allies, and brandish spells against a slew of fresh challenges in their latest title.

Although the actual release date has to be announced The Wizards – Dark Times will be debuting this year to HTC Vine, Oculus Rift, and PC VR.

Nioh 2

Team Ninja developed the action-role-playing Nioh 2 and it was published in Japan by Koei Tecmo and internationally by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It’s a successor and a prequel to the original 2017 game of the same name and it’s been on the scene since March 13 2020. It’s for PlayStation 4 users.