Get Hints and Tips on How to Throw a Killer Party for Adults

Throw a Great Grown-Up Birthday Party

We should be sharing our birthdays surrounded by the people we love, not binge-watching another Netflix show and quietly sobbing into our popcorn!

Sure, getting older isn’t for sissies, but there is something to be said for managing life on earth for another 365 days and at the very least we should celebrate the fact that we’ve made it through another 12 months intact.

Pre-Planning Your Party

The first thing you will need to do is pick a date, preferably over a weekend because even if you don’t have a day job, most people do. It’s customary to choose the week of your birthday, or the one just before or just after.

Find a nice venue. If you’re having a small affair, your home could work but it can be a drag to clean up after everyone afterwards. Choosing a restaurant, hotel, or other public space means you don’t have to do the washing up!

Create a guest list and send out invitations giving your invitees enough time to make sure they’re free for the day or night you’ve chosen. Some people get these out as long as six weeks before the party, but you should be fine with just three week’s notice.

Get Going on the Details

What kind of food are you going to serve? Buffets are a popular choice, thanks to their being relatively cheap and of a big enough variety to cater to a range of palates. Simple snacks are fine, too, so don’t feel you have to blow your budget on fancy appetisers.

Decide on decorations. There are great theme ideas for parties available online which is a wonderful way to get everyone in on the fun. Think about a Casino Night, for example, where everyone dresses up to the nines and enjoys a little betting before it’s time to go home. If you feel like you want to continue the party after everyone’s gone, there’s always online blackjack NZ!

Will You Serve Alcohol?

The best idea is to have a variety of beverages available so that those who want to drink can do so and those who prefer not to don’t have to. Even if you’ve asked your invitees to bring their own beverages, serving some kind of refreshment is recommended.

The Host’s Duties

Even though you’re the guest of honour, you’re also the host, so there are a few things you’ll need to see to.

Make a point of moving around the room and talking to each of your guests one-on-one. They’ve taken the trouble to be there so it’s just good manners to give them some recognition and thanks for coming through.

Try not to get caught up with just one or two guests, or groups, either, since other attendees may end up feeling a little neglected. Rope some of your closest friends in to help you make sure that drinks and refreshments are being replenished and then let your hair down and have a good time.