6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Images in Photoshop

Photoshop has a variety of tools available to improve your photography but with so much on offer using this photo editing tool can prove overwhelming. If you are looking for some simple tricks and tips to get you started on Photoshop, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some easy ways to improve your images in Photoshop:

  1. Shadows/Highlights

The Shadows/Highlights tool which is found under image – adjustments will automatically adjust your image to bring out the definition in any dark spots. You can easily adjust the amount of light correction by toggling the amount of shadows and highlights that you wish to show. This is a great way to correct silhouetted shadows or pictures with strong shadows.

  1. Vibrance

Often, when out and about or traveling to exotic destinations we take a picture of a gorgeous sunset or blue ocean only too look at that picture later and the colours aren’t quite as we experienced them in person. The Vibrance tool which is also found under the image – adjustments dropdown will help you to bring those colours to life. You can experiment by adjusting the vibrance and saturation sliders of the tool. Saturation will make your colours deeper and brighter while vibrance tends to add more luminosity to your image.

  1. Brightness/Contrast

The Brightness/Contrast image adjustment tool is similar in a way to the Shadows/Highlights tool. By moving the brightness slighter you will be able to make your entire image brighter or darker while the contrast slighter will be enable you to make the dark, black parts of your image stand in sharper contrast to the light areas, or the reverse to lessen the contrast in your image. Through simply adjusting the tonal ranges of your images your photos can become clearer with increased definition.

  1. Photo Filter

The simple photo filter tool under image – adjustments on Photoshop helps you to slightly change the colour tones of a complete image. Through using the warming, red or orange filters you can easily soften images, giving them a warmer light like one would experience in the early morning or late afternoon. On the hand, through using a cooling green or blue filter you can brighten up your images and create a moodier atmosphere.

  1. Crop

The cropping tool on Photoshop is as easy to use as playing real money pokies and it allows you to crop your images quickly. This can help you to cut out any superfluous parts of your picture and really hone in on what is important within your image. The cropping grid is automatically divided into nine boxes which will easily enable you to apply the rule of thirds principal to your picture. The rule of thirds guideline proposes that the main interest creating part of your picture should be placed where these lines intersect in order to ensure the best composition of your image.

  1. Spot Healing Brush

The spot healing brush tool which is available under the plaster shaped icon is a quick way to touch up any blemishes or unsightly parts of your picture. It’s perfect for those small changes that make a big impression . Simply dot the brush over pimples, pipes or rubbish to remove these unwanted parts of your portraits or landscape images and the tool will automatically use the background of your image to correct that part of your picture! It’s like magic.