Make Your Mac Work Harder This Year With These Great Apps

The Best Apps for Macs in 2020

The Apple macOS has matured to the point where, even just outside of the box, your new machine has all its bases covered, whether it’s basic productivity tools, calendar management, or email services you’re looking for

But there’s a whole world of powerful software out there that can make your life that much easier and it’s up to you to ferret out the best of them!


If you’ve ever had the misfortune of your Mac crashing, irretrievably breaking down, or being stolen, you’ll know all too well how much a system restore can cost. And not only will you spend hours trying to find the files you’ve lost, but there are many that you’ll never get back!

That’s where Backblaze comes in. A pioneer in strong, scalable, low-cost cloud backup and storage services, you’ll never have to worry about trying to replace the irreplaceable again.


Chances are, your Mac isn’t working as fast it could, or should, thanks to GBs of clutter and unnecessary files weighing your system down.

The CleanMyMac application tool will scan your machine, monitor its health, and clear out whatever you don’t need so you can handle your tasks that much faster.

Day One

Journaling has been a popular pastime for many years, just ask Anaïs Nin, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Mark Twain, and Virginia Woolf. Why not get your habit started with Day One, a digital companion that helps you capture the moments you want to one day look back on, deal with once and for all, or just ruminate on?

Imagine how great reading the entry detailing how you met the love of your life will be one day. Or maybe you need to go over your own thoughts regarding a hurtful exchange? Writing about difficult things can help us heal far more quickly. And what if you strike it rich playing Canadian online casino slots? You can use the entries you made before your win as a way to keep your feet on the ground when you’re swimming in money!

Aside from text, this app also allows you to incorporate photographs, reminders, and tags to help you keep your entries organised and password protection means you don’t have to worry about anyone barging in where they shouldn’t.

Debit & Credit – Personal Finance

If you need help managing your money, then Debit & Credit – Personal Finance is the app for you. It provides the most relevant reports on your current standing as possible and its simple design makes it very easy to use.

You will be able to log as many transactions every day as you need to with the Free version, but if you want to set up more than one account, you’ll need to go Premium.


If you hate typing, then check out the Otter Mac app. It’s an intelligent voice-recognition system and note-taking assistant that will let your transcribe your conversations, record important information during meetings, and even take contextual notes privately.